Enjoying Your Life

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Not That I'm Lazy ..
Not That I'm a Sleeper ..

Not That I Don't Care With my Life ..
I'm Not a Slacker ..

I'm not Bill Gates ..
That only Sit, and be quite..
Perhaps he also think.. What if he's Not a Man..
Hahh.. He's Very Lucky..

Didn't I Got Lucky?
Ahh.. I think I've Got Lucky Enough..
Lucky.. I Still Can Breathe
Lucky.. I Still Do Not Feel Hungry And thirsty

That's Why I'm Sincere to get Sleep fastly..
Although I Used my Tambourine as My Pillow..

Publish PostI'm enjoying My Job..
I'm enjoying My Live ..
That Very Unpretending ..
So, For all of you Guys...

Enjoying You Life

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